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Looking for a fun new health trend for the new year? Read on to find out more about the UK's fastest growing fitness movement...

MoveGB is on a mission to get people in Bristol moving, by providing them with greater access, flexibility, and variety with their health and fitness options.

The subscription platform – which is available in many cities across the UK, including Bristol – allows users to utilise a new multi-venue membership, offering them the freedom to enjoy many different classes, activities, and gyms in their local area, all within one membership.

So, whether that’s swimming on a Tuesday morning, yoga on a Thursday afternoon or rock climbing on Saturday lunchtime, ‘Movers’ (MoveGB members) enjoy better accessibility, more choice and greater flexibility making it a lot easier to stay active.

The MoveGB concept – which was founded by Alister Rollins, one of the world’s leading experts in exercise adherence – is based on the science of what keeps us active and living a healthy and happy life.

Studies from Sport England which are reinforced by Rollins’s first business TRP- the world’s leading provider of loyalty and data analytics to the industry; show that, when consumers have greater variety and flexibility, then they are far less likely to ‘fall off the wagon’.

Further research conducted by MoveGB shows that individuals who visit multiple venues to exercise – or ‘Movers’ – are twice-as-likely to be active six months after joining than those who visit single gym venues.

These studies show that, exercise is something that we naturally dip in and out of, and therefore, according to Rollins, the service that MoveGB has created, offers people the variety and flexibility in order to keep them engaged for longer periods of time so that they can enjoy healthier, fuller lives.

Rollins said: “Our mission is to remove the barriers that prevent people from staying active. Being active should never feel like a chore, it is what we are designed to do and being active allows us to live a fun and productive life. We created MoveGB to take the hassle out of exercise and to offer the variety people need to have fun and stay active for life’

“We already have the largest fitness community in Bristol with over 45,000 registered users, as well as burgeoning communities in cities including Brighton, Leeds, Sheffield and Southampton. Our objective is to continue this ambitious growth, as we build communities of ‘Movers’ in many more cities across the country.

“MoveGB have become one of the fastest growing fitness movements in the UK and our aim is to continue to provide customers with the best activities and highest level of customer service to ensure they stay active for life.”

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