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Saks Beauty Bristol offer wonderfully personal treatments suited to everyone’s tastes, writes Sammy Milton

Saks Beauty has only been open on Park Street for the past 18 months, but its gone from strength to strength ever since. They’ve been one of the biggest names in beauty for over 40 years and ensure that every single one of their treatments is tailor-made to suit their customers. So when I was offered an opportunity to try one of their facials last week, to say I jumped at the chance is probably an understatement.

I’ve never been one to overly treat myself and have never actually set foot in a salon, so the whole experience was new to me. I arrived at 4.30 on the dot and was immediately welcomed in by the lovely manager Becky. I was offered a drink and a chance to catch my breath, before completing the form that ensures you get the right treatment for you.

I was led into a comfortable treatment room at the back of the building and Becky asked me what it was I wanted from this treatment. The level of interest and the in-depth questions was reassuring and was just another example of the high level of service you receive here. After this, she clarified I would be having a Decleor Vitamin Glow Facial to help sort out my pesky combination skin.

One of the perks of this treatment is that it comes with a free back massage! This I hadn’t expected and was delighted with. Becky explained it was a diagnostic massage to allow her to assess the skin in a more unique way. Fascinatingly, they are able to link up areas of the back with certain organs, which can relate to areas on the face and neck. A treatment unique to Decleor, it also ensured I was fully relaxed and ready for my facial.

I lay back and let Becky get to work. Once my face was properly cleaned with a heady Neroli Essential Cleansing Milk, she then used a velvety Neroli Aromessence Oil to prepare the skin on my face and a Neroli Night Balm to massage my shoulders. All of the massage oils and balms they use are partnered with people’s skin types, she explained, and as well as working on the skin, they help to calm the senses.

Following this, she used a Phytopeel exfoliating cream to really get deep into the skin and open and clean my pores. Using tiny beads, she explained it’s actually far more effective than the chunkier scrubs I usually use. Next, it was time for the main event. Becky applied a Hydra Floral Mask over my skin and then spread gauze across my face (leaving out my nose so I could still breathe) and started to apply an oat-based mask. This mask penetrates deep into the skin and enriches it with natural goodness, she explained. It smelt good enough to eat and, in fact, it is completely edible! This was left on for around 10 minutes before she carefully removed it with the gauze.

I was now completely blissed out and relaxed so she applied the final touches: an Aroma Lisse eye cream that would brighten and smooth the skin under my eyes and an Aurabsalou awakening day cream to give my skin a candlelit glow.

All of this only took an hour, and Becky informed me that Cheryl Cole herself actually uses this facial prior to her red carpet events! Whether it’s favoured by celebrities or not, I was blown away by the entire experience. Becky herself couldn’t have been more friendly, calming and professional – in my opinion something that is vital when having a treatment as personal as this.

I emerged onto Park Street glowing and grinning from ear to ear. Swinging a goodie bag of sample products, I promised myself I would treat myself to that facial again. A week on and my skin looks healthier than it ever has – I couldn’t recommend this enough.

Saks Beauty Bristol, 22 Park Street, 0117 903 0872 /

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