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Turn your home into a sanctuary this summer

It seems these days that we’re busier than ever. Whether it’s getting the kids off to school on time, trying to sort out massive piles of paperwork or simply attempting to get the house in order, it can all get a bit much. Your home should be a calm, relaxing space where you can wind down after a long day. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a little guide to help you turn your home into a safe haven.

Conquer your clutter

It’s an obvious one, but nothing creates more anxiety than arriving home to a pile of clutter. Don’t be hard on yourself – it’s easy to create unconscious mess, especially if you have children – but it does mean you end up hopelessly searching for things every time you try and leave the house.
Nip this in the bud by going around each room separately and packing things away. Store items that don’t need to be used regularly and donate or chuck anything that’s hardly used. There, we bet you feel better already!

Go old school

Technology dominates much of our lives, and whilst it is useful and necessary, it can really drain your mood and contribute towards stress. Allocate ‘technology-free’ zones – if you have a laptop or desktop computer, move them out of spaces in which you like to relax, such as the living room. The same goes for smartphones – keep them out of the kitchen whilst you are eating and try to keep them away from your bedroom when you are trying to fall asleep. Get the rest of the family in on it too and you’ll all be connecting (naturally) before you know it!

Master your mojo

Chances are, you decorated your home years ago. Every photograph, accessory and piece of furniture has memories associated with it, and the time has come to assess whether these are happy memories. If you have something in your home that reminds you a negative memory or period of time in your life, then get rid of it. Begin to add items or photographs you collect from fun days out with friends and family, or simply buy items that make you smile. Day-to-day, this will make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Listen to your senses

The smallest things can make the biggest differences! Try to find a way to incorporate essential oils into your home. Different scents can be used in different rooms – try using a few drops of lavender oil on your pillows in the bedroom to help you drift off or replace synthetic air-fresheners in your bathroom with the fresh scents of pine oil or grapefruit. Essential oils can be handy for masking other smells too – invest in an oil burner for your kitchen and try using cinnamon or clove oil to mask nasty cooking smells, or mop your floors by with a blend of lemongrass oil and hot water to get rid of any unwanted pet odours.

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