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‘Stay at home and make your own’ sourdough pizza with Pizzarova’s easy-to-follow kits

‘Stay at home and make your own’ Pizzarova sourdough pizza

The Pizzarova sourdough pizza kits are quick, convenient and fun to make either on your own, or with the kids or partner.

We tried two Pizzarova kits (including one that was gluten free), the Margherita kit on its own plus one with the ‘double chorizo’ toppings, which includes chorizo pincante, chorizo Vella and paprika flakes. Plus, you get two flavoursome dips: a garlic mayo and a Sriracha mayo.

Everything was packed well in a recyclable cardboard pizza box, with food in reusable plastic pots (perfect for left-overs or, in my case, chicken to freeze for the dog!).

The packaging was simple yet innovative, giving authenticity to the pizza in a box. And the handwritten tip on the box (to use a rolling pin for the GF base) added a personal touch.

Each Pizzarova box contains enough for two small pizzas or one large (if you have a frying pan and hob large enough to accommodate). We found generous amounts of toppings, including lovely thick chunks of mozzarella, and the ingredients were deliciously fresh.

Quick & easy to make

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and the dough was relatively easy to stretch by hand once I got the hang of it. For the gluten free dough, you will need a rolling pin as it is more difficult to stretch and feels more delicate but it has a lovely consistency and surprisingly good texture.

The pizzas are quick to cook – only around 8-9 minutes. Simply pop the dough in a frying pan on the hob to cook the base and then add the toppings. It was a little tricky to know when the base was done and I was initially unsure about what temperature to use, but it was fine on a higher setting (7-8 out of 9 on our hob). Then pop under the grill to cook the top – the crust turned deliciously golden and the mozzarella melted. Yum!

The sourdough base, when cooked, had a soft, yet crispy and light texture. It was perfect – not too thick or thin and the dough puffed up nicely and was lovely and crispy on the outside.

The gluten free base had a surprisingly good texture, too – crispy on the outside and more squidgy with a bit of chewiness in the middle (nice). In fact, you would never guess it was gluten free. It was slightly more difficult to tell when the GF base was done as it didn’t turn golden like the sourdough but the dough puffed up well.

Full of flavour

We topped two of the Margheritas with chorizo, pepperoni and paprika flakes, plus a dash of chilli oil and then basil to top off. The tomato sauce had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, which combined well with the smoky and spicy chorizo, while the flakes and chilli oil added a good kick. Simply moreish!

For the two plain Margheritas, we simply sprinkled with the paprika flakes and, when cooked, topped off with the fresh fragrant basil, a drizzle of chilli oil and black pepper. It was mouth-wateringly good – with the oil adding a moistness to the base.

Overall, the pizzas are super easy to make and, for me, the portion size was perfect. (But my teenage son was left wanting more!) You could easily serve with a crisp green salad. I loved the simplicity of the ingredients which combined to give a great flavour! And, for me, I loved the gluten free base.

Great value for money. So, go on, as Pizzarova says, ‘Stay at home, make your own!’

Price: From £10.95


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