Food & Drink | 9 summer coolers

Enjoy a refreshing summer cooler – perfect for a sunny evening, picnic or meet-up with friends

Check out this delicious range of summer coolers…

1. Don Papa Rum
Price: £32
Available at: Sainsbury’s & many online outlets

The first premium single rum from the Philippines, Don Papa Rum is distilled and aged for over seven years in American oak barrels on the island of
Negros Occidental.

The pure, original Negros sugarcane is the foundation of this rum’s rich-textured finish with flavours of honey, vanilla and candied fruits.

Food & Drink | 9 summer coolers

Serving suggestion
Delicious on the rocks or with a dash of lemonade for a longer drink. Plus, check the website for some fabulous cocktail ideas.

2. Miami Cocktails
Price: £3 each
Available at: and in store as well as at

At only 110 calories per can, this range of ‘better for you’ canned cocktails is made using all-natural ingredients. The Organic Spritzes contain no added sugar and the Organic Small Batch Originals have just a hint of agave nectar. Plus, they are gluten free and vegan.

Serving suggestion
Straight as they come, right out of the can, but definitely best served chilled!

3. Sacred Bottle Aged Negroni
RRP: £29.95
Available at:

Sacred is an independent distillery based in Highgate, north London and until 2019 the distillery was based in the makers’ home!

Sacred has taken each ingredient from the classic Negroni cocktail and developed the best all-natural English equivalents to make the complete English Negroni – as served by restaurateur Mark Hix.

Equal parts of its classic Sacred Gin, Rosehip Cup and English Spiced Vermouth combine in the bottle to allow the ingredients to marry. Great to take to picnics, barbecues and parties.

Serving suggestion
Perfect straight from the fridge over ice with a slice of orange and makes a great spritz.

4. Sacred English Amber Vermouth – World’s Best Vermouth, 2019
RRP £18.95
Available at:

Low in alcohol, this beautiful vermouth, which scooped the award for the World’s Best Vermouth, is delicate and floral with notes of vanilla and sweet Spanish orange. Like all Sacred Vermouths, this Amber Vermouth is made with English wine from Three Choirs in Gloucestershire.

Food & Drink | 9 summer coolers

Serving suggestions
It’s perfect for a Vesper but if that’s a little too punchy, it’s delicious simply served neat over ice with a slice of orange or with tonic.

It also makes a wonderfully refreshing spritz when topped up with Fever-Tree White Grape and Apricot Soda – or just pour 25ml into a champagne flute and top up with the fizz of your choice.

5. Kocktails – Summer Spritz Collection
Available at:
Price: £29

Delivered through your letterbox, the Summer Spritz Collection includes four unique cocktails – Lychee & Elderflower; Rhubarb and cucumber; Venice Beach; and Earl Grey – plus a beautiful garnish for every drink.

The cocktails are mixed by award-winning professional bartenders, using the finest spirits and fresh ingredients. Simply superb!

You can buy a one-off box for yourself, send some cocktails as a gift or join the Kocktail discovery club to discover new drinks every month.

Serving suggestion
Just add ice and soda – for the perfect summer spritz

6. Pinestone Jasmine Tea
Available at:
Price: £6.99 per 100g box

Jasmine is a favourite the world over. The tea is harvested in Zhejiang province in spring but stored carefully until summer when the jasmine flowers are picked and mixed with the tea.

The mixing process happens 1,000 miles away from Zhejiang in Guangxi. Overnight, the flowers open, infusing the tea with their wonderful fragrance. In the morning, they are separated, and the process is then repeated 7-9 times, with new flowers being added each night.

Serving suggestions
Refreshing Jasmine tea is marvellous with Dim Sum, lighter starters as well as desserts because of its fragrance

7. Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum
Available at:
Price: £34.99

Mainbrace is a premium golden rum, conceived in Falmouth, Cornwall, blended from two distinct rum styles – English Navy Rum from Guyana and French Agricole Rhum from Martinique.

As a smooth drink, with no additional sweeteners or colourings, Mainbrace Rum has received rave reviews and multiple global awards since its launch at RumFest in 2019. The brand name comes from the naval term to “splice the mainbrace”.

Serving suggestions
Mainbrace Rum can be enjoyed both on its own or with a mixer such as ginger ale or tonic water, or in cocktails, a selection of which can be found on the website.

8. Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum
Available at:
Price: £44.99

Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum is consistent with the Royal Navy Standard of 54.5%. This was the lowest alcohol content that would still allow gunpowder to light if it were soaked in the rum.

The term “proof” comes from testing whether the rum was of a high enough ABV to light the wet gunpowder.

The nose begins with sweet woody aromas that eventually subside to dried fruits and caramel. The palate has an initial peppery spice that quickly become naturally sweet treacle notes with a hint of spiced vanilla.

Serving suggestions
Try with ginger ale or tonic water, for a refreshing drink. Or why not make a cocktail? See the website for suggestions.

9. Gibson’s Goodology
Price: £14.99 for three
Available at:

The multi award-winning CBT-infused teas come in three unique flavours – green tea and passion fruit; jasmine tea and rhubarb; and Shiso tea and blueberry.

The 250ml cans offer a refreshing sparkling drink, perfect for al fresco living, and each contains just five natural, high-quality ingredients. Deliciously refreshing!

Food & Drink | 9 summer coolers

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