Food & Drink | 7 local beers & ciders

Food & Drink | 7 local beers & ciders

Check out 7 locally made beers and ciders

Sit back and relax with a locally made beer or cider…

Kaleidoscope Pale Ale

From: Wiper & True
Price: £3.30 (440ml can)
Where to buy:

Perfect all year round, this is an impeccable pale ale from the St Werburgh’s-based brewery Wiper & True. You’ll find this local favourite across pubs in Bristol, but it’s equally enjoyable from a can at home. Vegan friendly!

Keller Pils

From: Lost & Grounded
Price: £3.20 (440ml can)
Where to buy:

If you’re a lager drinker and want to try something locally brewed, then look no further than Lost & Grounded Keller Pils. This crisp and light pilsner is made with three traditional hop varieties to produce a traditional and unfiltered hop bitter lager beer. Vegan friendly!


From: Bristol Beer Factory
Price: £25.00 (8.5 pints in a mini tin)
Where to buy:

Brewing since 2004, Bristol Beer Factory is a renowned local brewer and a true pioneer of the Bristol beer scene. With its big hop flavours and low bitterness, Independence (a US Style Pale Ale) is without a doubt one of its most loved beers – perfect for fans of traditional ale or craft beer fanatics. For the real pub experience at home, we recommend trying Independence in a mini tin – 8.5 pints of pure Bristolian bliss.


From: Incredible Brewing Co
Price: £3.50
Where to buy:

If you prefer your traditional ales over hoppy craft beers, then check out the Incredible Brewing Co. With its subtle caramel sweet notes and roasted nutty, dry finish, Incredible Brewing Co’s Mild is as close to a Sunday pint in a countryside pub as you’ll ever get from a bottle of beer!

Kinjo Japanese Lager

From: Newtown Park Brewing Co
Price: £3.80
Where to buy:

It might be a newcomer to the Bristol beer scene (after launching late 2020), but Newtown Park has already cemented itself as a visionary with an incredible selection of contemporary pale ales and punchy stouts. Its Kinjo Japanese Lager is one of the latest creations to leave the brewery, made in collaboration with street food traders Eatchu.

Yarlington Cider

From: Rawlins Cider
Price: £2.95
Where to buy:

Hailing from Somerset, this family-run venture produces high-quality traditional cider and perry, made using local apples. Its Yarligton Cider is the go-to tipple from its range: this single-variety cider is made using Yarlington Mill apples fermented to dry and then back sweetened with a keeved Yarlington Mill cider to create a medium easy-drinking cider. Vegan-friendly and gluten free!

Pomme Pomme

From: Pilton Cider
Price: £12.50
Where to buy:

If you’re looking for a cider with style, then Pilton’s Pomme Pomme ticks all the boxes. This gorgeous fruity cider brings together bittersweet cider apples with their pomme family third cousin, the quince. It’s a 750ml bottle, too, so it’s perfect to share over a summer picnic or BBQ with friends.

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