First female students at QEH celebrate excellent results

QEH A levels

For the first time in 430 years, female students are joining in the A-level celebrations at QEH with A*/A grades making up over 60% of their results. Overall, over a third of students achieved straight A*/A grades.

Once again this success extends across the curriculum, with two thirds of students studying a STEM subject (Further Maths, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science) and a Creative Arts subject (Art, Music and Drama) achieving the top A*/A grades.

It was good news for the medics and Oxbridge students at QEH as all students achieved their required university grades.

While there have been many generations of successful fathers and sons at QEH, when the Sixth Form became co-ed in 2017, the school gained its first father and daughter team, Professor Julian Rivers and his daughter Alice. Alice will be following in her father’s footsteps at his former university, beginning her degree course in Music at Girton College, Cambridge University. Alice achieved 4 straight A*s in Music, Maths, Further Maths and Art.

Twins Harold and Richard Cannon achieved 3A* and 5A grades between them. Harold is off to study Molecular Biology at Sheffield while Richard will be heading to Cardiff to study Astrophysics.

Stephen Holliday, headmaster at QEH, says, “Once again we are celebrating an excellent set of exam results and it is exciting to see our first cohort of girls achieve such fantastic grades.”

In a year where we have seen tougher A-levels, along with a return to linear courses and less emphasis on coursework, these superb results highlight the quality of education provided at QEH, putting students on a sound footing for higher education and successful future careers.”

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