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Pour over or cafetière? How to perfect that morning brew without leaving the house.

Ri Meredith from Convoy Espresso spoke to us about how she makes an exemplary cup of coffee when her usual haunts are in lockdown…

What’s your home-brewing method of choice?

I’ve always been a massive fan of pour over coffees and I mainly use V60 which is my favourite, mostly for nostalgic reasons because it was the first coffee set-up I got. But when I’m sharing coffee I use a cafetière.

What’s the taste difference between the two?

Pour overs are lighter and you can get more delicate flavours, whereas cafetière coffee is more heavy and full-bodied which is also nice for when you want a ‘strong cup of coffee’. If you want the best cup of coffee then weigh it and time it. With a pour over it can come through really fast within a couple of minutes and it won’t taste great, so if you make the ground a bit finer then it’ll come through slower and should taste sweeter and more full-bodied. It’s fun to play around with the variables – it’s a bit of a science.

What’s your perfect coffee time?

Probably when it’s about half past nine when the morning’s getting a bit warmer. Ideally with a buttery croissant from a bakery.

Where do you get your coffee from?

Usually Origin Coffee which is where Convoy gets it from. They’re really consistent and have a big range with new coffees every month. I like mixing it up.

In artisan cafes, people are often encouraged to take coffee black and without sugar. What’s that all about? 

Well, it’s about tasting the coffee for how it actually is and how it’s meant to be drunk – once you add milk and sugar you’re drinking a milky sugary drink rather than coffee in its purest form. However, if you brew it badly then you’re going to want to cover it up!

Where do you usually go for coffee?

I usually go to Coffee + Beer just off Whiteladies Road, especially if I’m running errands as it’s in a really convenient location.

Coffee + Beer

The retailer, espresso bar and tap room on Cotham Hill is a favourite of baristas and coffee connoisseurs across Bristol. With up to six different coffees on the filter selection and up to six different beers on tap, they strongly encourage tasting before buying. Make your way through the endless varieties with a Coffee Club subscription or sign up for monthly beer boxes.

coffeeandbeer.co.uk / dan.williams@coffeeandbeer.co.uk

Convoy Espresso

Located in Paintworks off the Bath Road, the speciality coffee shop in two vintage airstreams from North Carolina serves up great brews with an aesthetic vibe. It’s the genius business idea from three friends, Colin, Josh and Zak, who once worked at Paintworks with no access to great coffee. Things have been on hold for Convoy since coronavirus hit, but give them a follow on social media so you don’t miss out on their latest news. 

@convoyespresso / convoyespresso.com

Origin Coffee

The independently-owned Cornwall speciality roaster has worked meticulously to create the perfect roasting ritual, resulting in beautiful-tasting coffee. They know intrinsically that good coffee depends on good relationships, which is why ethical standards are at the heart of their business. UK tracked delivery of Origin Coffee is free for orders over £15, so what are you waiting for?



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