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The trend sees weird and wacky approaches to property sales

With the current slowdown in the UK housing market, sellers are finding it more and more difficult to get their homes noticed and secure the perfect buyer. With the crippling costs associated with selling a property, sellers are exploring alternatives to the traditional estate agent and employing weird and wacky techniques in an attempt to save money and generate interest in their homes.

Agents have also started to piggyback on the trend when selling a luxury property. Techniques for this end of the market will often include pricey give-aways, such as including a yacht, supercar, or some of the owner’s valuable possessions with the sale of the property – selling the “lifestyle” as well as the home itself.

Extreme House Selling doesn’t just benefit the rich; it can be just as effective for an affordable home.

Dunstan Low, a desperate vendor facing repossession, looking to sell Georgian, Melling Manor in Lancashire, had previously listed with an agent in December 2016 at £845,000, which only generated one viewing.

He decided to use the Extreme Selling technique of giving away his property in a raffle, pricing the tickets at £2 aiming to sell 500,000 tickets. After receiving interest from across the UK and overseas, he was inundated with raffle ticket buyers, managing to flog half a million tickets, and securing a buyer for the property.

Low’s success has inspired him to teach other sellers how they can take advantage of the Extreme Selling “raffle” approach. 

Nick Marr, Co-Founder of TheHouseShop.com and ‘godfather’ extreme house selling, comments on its increasing popularity in a buyers’ market: 

“Extreme House Selling is all about being proactive and doing anything and everything in your power to generate a buzz about your property. If you come up with a unique idea and execute it well, you could quickly find yourself earning attention from the media and exposing your property to an entirely new source of buyers that a simple listing on Rightmove or Zoopla would never have achieved.”

“My first Extreme House Selling venture generated huge interest from Reuters, Sky TV and national newspapers. The successful media coverage brought in multiple overseas buyers that the seller would never have had access to using traditional marketing methods.”

“Social media can also be a great tool for Extreme House Sellers. A private seller using our website TheHouseShop.com listed her home with us and also created a Facebook post offering a ‘referral reward’ of £1,000 to anyone who shared her post to the eventual buyer of the property. She generated 6,000 views and 8 enquiries in just 48 hours!”

“Extreme House Selling is all about taking back control of the selling process – and having a little fun while you’re at it! From handing out cupcakes with pictures of your home iced on top, to dressing up in a panda costume and posing in your property photos, it’s all about doing something a bit different to make your home stand out from the crowd.”

Further examples of Extreme House Selling can be viewed in an interactive infographic here: https://www.thehouseshop.com/extreme-selling/ 

Andrew Kyriacou, Managing Director of Xsell Property, comments on his success with extreme house selling in Australia.

Andrew Kyriacou has sold properties through his amusing YouTube videos in less than three weeks on average and has toured the country coaching other estate agencies at high profile seminars. 

“I have spoken at seminars to other agents around Australia about the importance of standing out. My approach to house selling is about being a human being, not a robotic agent. I find that most people put on an act when they go to work but people want to deal with real people, so the ability to show your clients that you are a human being is critical when negotiating. The videos I create show the viewers that we are indeed real people and by making them laugh during the process of house selling, it helps to build a rapport far quicker.” 

Extreme House Selling allows sellers to make the most out of what they have. They can take ownership of the project; accept full responsibility, and have a little fun while they’re at it.

Although these techniques offer a great solution to selling property in a difficult market, it isn’t an option for the faint hearted. Individuals thinking of employing this technique will need to be very proactive, but those who fully commit could see big results. 

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