Extension builders are more in demand than ever before

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Homeowners are urged to plan ahead when extending their homes

Homeowners thinking of extending their homes are being advised to plan ahead, as builders report being busier than ever before.

New research from MyBuilder.com, a website for homeowners to find tradespeople for their home improvement projects, has shown that extension builders are enjoying record levels of work, with waiting times to hire them extending for several months and even more than a year in some cases.

82% of tradespeople surveyed said they experienced no let-up in their busy workloads throughout 2018, with 43% reporting that they were taking on even more work than last year. When asked if they were busier now than at any other point in their career, a majority said they were, with more than 43% saying they had more customers than ever, while only a fraction, 12%, reported a downturn.

The average waiting time for prospective customers looking to hire builders to extend their homes is between two and four months, though some particularly in-demand firms reported that they were booked up more than a year in advance.

Trends in extension-building are also changing, with builders highlighting some of the most common features they are being asked to include in their new projects. Popular additions include bi-fold doors, vaulted ceilings and skylights, and a general trend towards open-plan spaces, particularly when including kitchens in the build.

When asked if they thought the surge in interest in extensions was down to homeowner concern in the future of the property market, with more people wanting to improve their current homes rather than move, results were mixed – 48% of builders agreed that was fuelling the building boom, while 52% disagreed.

Founder and CEO, Ryan Notz said: “Getting the perfect tradesperson for your project may take time and mean planning ahead, because the best builders will always be in demand. If you’re thinking of extending your home, get the ball rolling by speaking with extension builders sooner rather than later, to ensure your project goes smoothly.”


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