Education | Covid-19 and the impact on education

Education | Covid-19 and the impact on education

As we head towards the summer holidays, Rachael, from local tutoring company Tutor Doctor, shares her insights on how Covid-19 has impacted education…

Parents’ evenings are currently being done virtually over a very short (5-15 minutes) duration. This means many parents are concerned they aren’t fully aware of what level their child is working at, and of any gaps they need to fill in.

Like us, schools have accelerated the adoption of digital technology to support students. Many students and parents are finding that virtual learning is much more effective than expected.

Most children have missed over 6 months of normal, in-person learning. It’s positive that the government is recognising this and encouraging schools to adopt tutoring programmes.

However, the resources allocated are nowhere near enough. We hear that current Year 10 and Year 12 students are especially concerned about content they missed, which will be needed for their exams next year.

This has led to us being extremely busy, and it’s been very rewarding providing tutoring support to children and teenagers, as it means their confidence really builds, and it often reduces anxiety within the family.

Rachael, from local tutoring company Tutor Doctor

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