Education | Badminton School Sixth Form: Get INTO what you love!

Education | Badminton School Sixth Form: Get INTO what you love!

What are you into? Art? Science? Dance? Music? Whatever it may be, Badminton Sixth Form has a wide range of unique courses for girls joining our Sixth Form

The sheer range of subject combinations and interests that girls pursue makes the Badminton School Sixth Form exciting, and its size means that everyone knows each other really well.

You will enjoy university-style teaching methods to ensure you leave well-prepared for starting university life.

Badminton School will be delighted to offer to applicants from Bristol and the surrounding areas (who are applying from state secondary schools) the opportunity of an award. This award will be given to students whose application and entrance assessments indicate that they would benefit from the opportunities at Badminton.

There are five awards available which carry a remission on school fees of up to £4,000. On top of that, families can apply for bursarial funding, which could be up to an additional 50%.

Find out what award you might be able to get and apply!

Also make sure you visit Badminton School Sixth Form Open Evening on Friday 24 September 2021 and register for your free place on the school’s website at

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