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The expert team at Charlotte Langley Interiors can help you create a home that fulfills all your heart's desires

Images of gorgeous homes are everywhere. Magazines, TV shows, online – there’s always an immaculate living room without a trace or clutter, or a bedroom that looks like the perfect haven of serenity, or a luxurious bathroom to lust after. But recreating the same looks in your own home can be harder than you might think. If you don’t know what you’re doing then shabby chic can look simply shabby, wall-to-wall white can end up being sterile rather than soothing and the attempt at Moroccan styling just fills the bedroom with rubbish rather than romance. But that’s when employing the skills of an interior design service, such as Charlotte Langley Interiors, can really help. 

Charlotte Langley works with a hand-picked team of experts to deliver a sophisticated and considered service to create your dream home.


Charlotte said: “Our love of working to create unique, personal spaces stems from our love of collaborating with people who want their home to be evocative of the things they hold close to their heart – family, love, warmth, calm, light, beauty, design and delight.


“Your project will see us exploring a personal sense of feeling and desire alongside an exceptional range of visual goals. We will work closely with your vision to find a unique place of comfort, be it understated or opulent.


“We will journey through planning and presentation and on to completion together, with the assistance of intelligent communication, a wealth of experience, modern technology, luxurious materials and master craftspeople.”

As part of creating your dream home Charlotte and her expert team can create everything from made-to-measure window dressings and soft furnishings to bespoke upholstery and furniture.

Charlotte said: “My recent interior design journey has challenged my furniture makers and upholsterers to the point of excellence. As a result of client demands we have delivered commissions for simple pieces such as headboards, ottomans and bespoke sofas as well as elaborate pieces such as motorised television units, kitchens, dressing rooms and dining tables. They are all locally made and are delivered with ‘white glove’ service.

“I have been working with my curtain maker and soft furnishings sewers for almost 10 years and there is no other team I would trust to produce and install the array of window dressings and soft furnishings that make my designs come to life.

“The painter and decorator team are one of my most valued discoveries and because of them I am able to confidently suggest and implement beautiful colour schemes and wallpapers.”

According to Charlotte one of the biggest challenges faced by clients is being able to visualise a new design concept or scheme, or a bespoke piece of furniture. So, in order to help them Charlotte has developed a range of design presentation materials to help give a precise and deeper understanding of the designs. The presentations come in the form of computer-aided designs (CAD), plan view (bird’s eye) and elevation drawings, 3D and “fly through” animations and high-resolution rendered visuals of photographic quality.

These hi-tech facilities, coupled with the expertise of Charlotte and her team mean that every client is ensured a highly personalised and exceptional experience from start to finish.

“Our desire to create something beautiful for you is as strong as your desire to live with beauty,” said Charlotte.

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