Downsizing the stress of downsizing


Nick Sanderson, CEO Audley Group, explains the concept of downsizing – and how you could benefit

De-stress by decluttering

We all know that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do and moving to a smaller property can pile on the pressure. But, there are simple ways to make the process less scary. Start small by cleaning out that desk drawer which mostly seems to consist of string and keys that no one’s entirely sure what lock they fit. Or the wardrobe in a spare bedroom – do you really need that suit you haven’t worn since the 80s? By slowly going through your possessions you’ll see that you’re keeping lots of things you never even look at, let alone use. So, when it comes to moving you’ll already be half way there.

Perfect fit

Downsizing is about getting a house that fits the life you want to live. So take time to figure out exactly what that means to you. It could be different things: a large kitchen or a beautiful garden or simply something that’s easy to maintain and clean. It’s also important to plan ahead: will it be able to age with you and adapt to any changes in your needs? Once you have the criteria you can start to narrow down your options.

Unlocking your property’s value

Property prices have soared over the last 20 years and many have found they own an asset which has significantly grown in value: their home. This means you could move into your new home with a lump sum and a boost your existing savings. But before you head to the local travel agent to plan that trip of a lifetime, start by seeking financial advice. There are a number of options to consider and you need to find the right one for you. 

Going, going, gone

Downsizing inevitably means having to part with some of your possessions. Once you’ve figured out exactly what you’ll have room for in your new home, you’ll need to decide what to do with everything else. Whilst it might be hard to part with items which hold a sentimental value, one way of ensuring you remember these are to take pictures of them so you can still ‘take’ them with you when you move. Auctions can be a great way to make some extra money and also ensure your belongings are going to a good home. They are simple to find online or in a local magazine and easy to get involved with. To make sure you achieve the highest prices, it’s best to attend an auction which is appropriate for the items you are selling. So, an auction focused on furniture is the best place to sell your antique chest of drawers.

Picture perfect

Once you’ve found the perfect home you can start on the more exiting tasks! Downsizing doesn’t mean you have to abandon everything you loved about your old property. Create a floor plan of your new home and start thinking about how you want each room to look. Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to try but it wouldn’t have worked in your old property. Thinking about these things will help you imagine living in the space and make it seem both more real and more manageable.

Come along to Audley Redwood for a special event centred around the concept of downsizing – with many experts attending ready to answer your questions.

When? Friday 6th April, 11am – 2pm

Where? Audley Redwood, Beggar Bush Lane, Failand, Bristol, BS8 3TG

Experts attending:

  • Amanda Fyfe, The Senior Move Partnership – How to tackle the emotional and physical logistics of downsizing your possessions
  • Thomas Plant, Special Auction Services – Understand what’s currently popular at auction
  • Russell Smith, Silverbridge Properties – The benefits of part exchange to take the uncertainty out of moving
  • Edmund Dodds, Hydes Estate Agents – Tips on how to market your property for an efficient sale
  • Audley Redwood owner – Hear from someone who has already made the move
  • Kevin Green, Audley Redwood – General Manager at Audley Redwood

RSVP: To book a place at the event please call 01275 217 090 or email



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