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Schmidt Bristol explain the importance of transforming kitchens into living spaces

Driven by the rise of ‘open and broken plan’ living, many customers are looking to create kitchens that look a bit less like, well, kitchens. But what are the key 2019 trends and innovations in this area of the market, and what are the key considerations that you should look for from your design partner?

A combination of single or double folding doors can hide away a very large area of kitchen space. Pocket doors are super helpful in covering up the contents of cupboards when guests arrive! What goes or doesn’t go, behind those doors is probably more important though, and a good designer will carefully consider both the practical use of the kitchen and the general ergonomic flow.

Another great way to hide clutter is with integrated storage and creative hidden kitchen storage solutions. Instead of spice racks clogging up wall space, why not consider pop up or drop-down shelves, integrated into worktops?
Or clever island storage that rises or lowers at the press of a button?

Particular consideration to ventilation is required for ‘hide and chic’ kitchens – as this is likely to be a bit more of a challenge when certain appliances are enclosed. A good kitchen designer will be able to incorporate this whilst proposing innovative ways to conceal all the food gadgetry and appliances.

When it comes to creating balance in a kitchen, there’s an advantage in using a variation in widths and heights, playing with different eye lines and modular arrangements. Accent those lines with gold or a pop of a bright colour to create something quite striking.

Most important of all, of course, is that the kitchen needs to be functional. And although this is obvious, mistakes can be made more easily when such precision is called for. You need to plan everything to the millimetre if you want the design to be linear.

A kitchen that is defined by sparsity, clean lines and calm is potentially at risk of becoming drab or clinical, so including a few surprises in the design and adding an element of fun and theatre can maximise your enjoyment for many years to come. These elements are important not only for creating drama but also for a feeling of luxury.

There is a real trend to having an element of surprise in a kitchen that started back in the sixties with modern pantries. So, we might now have a drinks cabinet behind a tall storage door that you can have open when friends come over, which when opened reveals opulent colours in greens and blues or a sumptuous material to emphasise clean lines.

Following the theme of ‘hide and chic’ to turn kitchens into non kitchen spaces, we may see new products like built-in integrated toasters that look like warming drawers and sit beneath an oven. However, whatever your style is, this trend for concealed kitchens with touches of brilliant details shows little sign of abating, with open-plan living growing strongly in popularity.

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