DIY decorations for the autumn season


Spruce up your home for autumn

During the spring and summer, a lot of our home design and upkeep efforts tend to focus on the outdoors. We spruce up our gardens, clean up our yards, and manage any necessary repairs or changes on our home exteriors. But with the weather about to cool off and the autumn and winter ahead you’re probably focusing on some internal improvements. In other words, it’s a great time for a little bit of interior design attention.


You may have a few seasonal decorations that you stash away during the warmer months, and switching those back in can help you to effectively embrace the autumn. But this is also a great chance to take on some slightly more involved projects, like some of these autumn DIY ideas.


Put Together Painted Acorns


If you happen to have access to acorns, either in your own yard or in a nearby forest, this makes for a simple but effective bit of autumn decorating. The idea comes from a list of crafting concepts for the season put together by Country Living and suggests the use of acrylic craft paints to brighten up acorns. It’s surprising how lovely the end result looks  and it’s as if you’ve created little jewels representative of the season. You need only spend an afternoon gathering acorns, making sure they’re clean, and painting them before dropping them into a decorative bowl.


Make A Seasonal Wreath


A seasonal wreath could be made out of most anything you find outside during the autumn. That could mean fallen leaves, for instance. It could also mean small circles neatly chopped from a fallen tree branch. You could even adorn a wreath with some of the same coloured acorns mentioned above! Whatever you go for, having an autumn wreath on the door, or even inside the home, is a nice touch.


Build Your Own Coat Rack


This idea is a little bit more involved, but in the end all it takes is a stash of metal and some amateur welding skill. And even the welding may be easier than you think. A small collection of MIG welders hosted at the multi-channel trade tool supplier Screwfix reveals that these tools are actually more portable and manageable than a lot of people believe. All you need is to find a welding machine that works for you and get to work piecing metal together to create a stylish, rustic set of hooks to hang up those autumn and winter coats on for the next few months.


Use Glass Bottles & Jars


Glass bottles and jars can be effective for interior design pretty much any time of year, but there’s something comforting about them that just seems to work for the autumn. And keep in mind, you can fill them with just about anything. In the spring or summer that might mean pebbles or sand, but in the autumn it could be something like acorns (again), candies (think caramels and the like), or even little paper ornaments. There’s nice look at how to do a tasteful decoupage with bottles and glass jars at The Cottage Market.


Set Up Candle Lighting


There’s something about an open flame that just makes a home feel incredibly comfortable this time of year. With that in mind, one of the simplest but most effective autumn interior design practices to keep in mind is to simply set up a few spaces for candle lighting. That may mean buying (or building) a few candle stands for tabletops or to sit upright in a living room, or it could mean finding a few lantern-like containers that can house the candles. There are endless options here, but a few little open flames can go a long way.

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