Computershare employees take home honey


Charity auction sees Computershare employees take home honey produced on site by company bees

20 Computershare employees each recently took home a jar of honey produced in hives at the company’s headquarters in South Bristol.

The silent auction raised over £300 for Computershare’s global charity, Change A Life, after staff members bid up to £50 each for a chance to take a 340g jar home.

Naz Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer at Computershare UK, said: “Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for their generosity to our Change A Life charity, which does such important work around the world. Computershare’s bee hives are one of the great talking points we like to show visitors to our South Bristol office – and one of many things that make working here so unique.”

“On top of this, they reflect our determination to support the natural world around us, believing every little action we take together can make a big difference.”

There are three hives in the grounds of The Pavilions on Bridgwater Road, and up to 150,000 European honey bees can be found there in the high season. A team of volunteer staff bee keepers harvests honey twice a year. The bees act as crucial member of the area’s ecosystem, helping with plant pollination.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust says that the UK bee population is currently under threat because of changes to the countryside, with two species having gone extinct and others only now present in small numbers.

Computershare began keeping bees in its gardens four years ago in order to support a struggling species and support the local environment. Computershare’s Change A Life initiative funds projects that address poverty and empower communities to effect change around the world.

Since its introduction in 2006, over £4 million has been raised from company-matched employee donations, shareholder dividend donations, corporate contributions and fundraising programs.


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