Community spirit at Fairfield High School

The school where diversity is celebrated

Fairfield High School in Bristol is recognised by Ofsted as an inclusive and harmonious community and the flags of more than 40 countries hang in its impressive atrium, representing all the languages spoken by students and staff.

Principal Nick Lewis says: “Community at Fairfield is more than flags – it is who we are.”

The shared sense of purpose comes from the ‘Diversity is Strength’ ethos that is central to a school where “everyone is valued for who they are and for what they can become.”

“We are committed to ensuring that children gain the skills and understanding to engage not only with the school but with the wider global society,” says Mr Lewis.

“This means developing an atmosphere of trust and respect, holding true to our values and building a shared focus on nurturing and supporting learning.”

Students at Fairfield are encouraged to want to change the world. The fact that most were unable to attend school from March to July did not dim this ambition – students produced some great work in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and participated in a successful virtual FHS Pride week.

Environmental issues are always high on the agenda too; many young people were inspired by Greta Thunberg’s visit to Bristol and are committed to taking action to avert a climate crisis.

“The passion of our young people is inspiring and gives us great hope for the future,” says Nick Lewis. 

Fairfield High School, Bristol. ©Barbara Evripidou2016; m: 07879443963;

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