Big trouble in little Bristol

Uploaded:03 Oct 2018

Our shame-faced reviewer, Alex Diggins, shirks his duty and fails to sample any interesting dishes at the otherwise impeccable Cathay Rendezvous. He then has the cheek to complain that Chinese food is samey, the fool.


All change at this station

Uploaded:26 Sep 2018

It might be a new era for the Riverstation after a summer refit, but are our high-estimations subject to change? asks James Higgins


The champions of curry

Uploaded:19 Sep 2018

Urban Tandoor have proved, yet again, that they are the kings of Indian cuisine, writes Sammy Milton


California soul

Uploaded:12 Sep 2018

Quay Street Diner is serving up some stateside sunshine, writes Sammy Milton


High steaks

Uploaded:05 Sep 2018

The Ox Clifton lives up to its famed reputation, writes Sammy Milton


Pig near the city

Uploaded:29 Aug 2018

Alex Diggins finds himself confusing fact and fiction at the beautiful countryside hotel and restaurant, The Pig near Bath