Bristol Property Live is supporting BCHS for 2017


Read on to find out about the charity we're supporting this year

Bristol Property live is supporting The Bristol Children’s Help Society throughout 2017. See below for more information on the charity, and how you can help. 

There are around 17,800 disadvantaged children who are at risk every day in Bristol alone and The Bristol Children’s Help Society (BCHS) provides a safe haven for them to return to. 

The Bristol Children’s Help Society was founded in 1884 and supports young disadvantaged and deprived children of our city, by providing them with respite support and gives them the opportunity to extend their horizons beyond the deprivation in which many of them live.

The charity conducts its activities through a converted farm on the outskirts of Bristol known as Barton Camp. This custom built activity centre can sleep up to 101 children and carers’ with a heated open-air swimming pool, sports hall, sports field, and activity rooms. As well as this there is also a fully equipped kitchen and dining room, complete with catering services, nature trails, barbeque terraces and relaxation areas. 

Currently 3500 children per annum visit the camp and are given the opportunity to get psychological and emotional support, see a different way of life, gain confidences in themselves and their own abilities and go home feeling better about themselves. 

In order to maintain this fantastic service and achieve improvements so more children can have the chance to have a break every year, BCHS need your help. Join us at Bristol Property Live and make donations that will go towards new sports items, furnishings for the Study Centre, the roofing projects and the extension of the buildings on site. To donate, please click here:

For more information on The Bristol Children’s Help Society, please visit:

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