Bristol Property Live celebrates its 500th issue!

This issue is a big landmark for the city's free independent property and lifestyle publication...

This issue is BPL’s 500th…and we’d like to celebrate this landmark firstly by thanking our loyal readers and clients for their continued support over the years, particularly throughout the pandemic, a tough time for many businesses, for which we are no exception.  

To mark this momentous issue, we’d also like to take a brief step back in time and run over the history of BPL…

The year is 2010. A conversation between Bristol publisher, Dougal Templeton, and a city estate agent takes place in a pub. Over a beer or two, the subject of Bristol’s monopolised media when it came to property advertising arose. A solution shortly followed – the creation of an independent, quality property publication, owned by 12 of Bristol’s leading estate agents. 

The very first issue of BPL landed in over 200 outlets around the city on Thursday, 23 September 2010. 

Over the past decade, BPL has evolved, expanding and streamlining accordingly with the environment it finds itself being produced in. We’ve seen the housing market fluctuate considerably, and the city which we are so fond of become an increasingly popular place that people far and wide want to call home. We’ve seen the ownership of the magazine and our team change, with a lot of familiar faces – but also many new. 

Above all, we’re very proud to still be able to call ourselves a quality, independent publication that supports the local economy and residents of Bristol, helps many people find their new place to call home in our city, and also continues to provide new opportunity and space for growth within the print media industry. 

Looking back at issue 1 from 2010, one element of the Publisher’s Statement stands out, being as true today as it was 12 years ago:    

“We will jointly work hard to produce an ever-improving publication with quality writing, breadth of content, good design and availability.”  

To the next 500! 

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