Bristol Plays Music launches new music resource


The new scheme for Bristol is backed the award-winning studio Aardman

Bristol Plays Music is launching a unique resource to support music education and development in local schools on Wednesday 11th October at a special event dedicated to teachers and industry professionals taking place at Colston Hall. 

As the music education hub for the city, Bristol Plays Music currently provides music tuition and workshops in 91% of Bristol’s primary schools.  In partnership with industry experts they have developed a new Secondary School Music Curriculum which launches this week, as well as the third phase of their award winning Primary Music Curriculum and a pioneering primary school programme that provides sixty seconds of sounds from around the city each day to encourage creative listening.

The new Secondary Music Curriculum provides innovative schemes of work including a specialist film composition unit created with Aardman and a classical composition module by well-known Bristol based composer Richard Barnard. Later this year Bristol Plays Music aims to launch further schemes of work on minimalism, jazz and blues and a comprehensive range of GCSE music listening exercises.

Created in partnership with the Oscar® award winning studio, Aardman, The Wallace & Gromit Film Music Unit gets children composing their very own musical film scores through a series of lesson plans and learning resources. Using specially licensed film clips from Wallace & Gromit, the project gives KS3 students the chance to create a music score to the popular film A Matter of Loaf and Death. The film composition unit runs over the course of six lessons where pupils will study a range of film composing techniques including spotting, leitmotif and mickey mousing.

Launching on the night is also Bristol Plays Music’s third phase of their award winning Primary School Music Curriculum which is focusing on pitch and chronology and is a range of lesson plans, video and audio resources available for all primary schools to download for free.
Furthermore at the launch attendees will have the opportunity to hear the Bristol Minute of Listening for the first time. The Minute of Listening is an exciting and innovative project created in conjunction with Sound and Music, which aims to provide all primary aged children with the opportunity to experience sixty seconds of creative listening each day of the school year. 

Bristol Plays Music has now created Bristol’s own version of the Minute of Listening, enabling pupils to experience a range of music and to develop vital skills in listening and creative enquiry to help nurture each pupil’s learning potential. With sounds taken from all over the city, Bristol’s unique and vibrant cultural heritage lends itself perfectly to this collection of music, natural and industrial sounds drawn from such iconic sources as Concorde, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Zoo and the Harbourside. Recorded with the support and participation of dozens of Bristol’s business and community groups, the Bristol Minute of Listening is an amazing audio journey through the city.

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