Bristol in Top 10 art buying cities


...and Bristol loves landscapes

The UK’s biggest art marketplace Artfinder has published a report on art buying habits across the UK, with Bristol in ninth place, ahead of York and just behind London with 307 artworks bought per million inhabitants in 2016.

People in Bristol buy more paintings than any other kind of art (67% of all pieces bought), with a strong preference for landscapes, sea and sky (24% of all purchases) and style-wise prefer abstract and impressionistic works (26% and 25% of all purchases respectively).

There are also regional differences in what art customers buy, with people in the South preferring abstract, non-figurative works and those in the North and Scotland preferring animals, flowers and plants and landscapes, sea and sky.

Jonas Almgren, Artfinder CEO comments:

“London is always hailed as the art capital of the UK, but that isn’t necessarily reflected in the art buying habits of ordinary people. Our data shows that the whole of the UK is busy buying original art for their homes, but also that people in smaller, artier cities like Bristol are buying more than Londoners.” 

“We are now seeing a new generation and a new kind of art buyer emerging, our audience are typically younger than those who buy from galleries, and they don’t necessarily classify themselves as ‘collectors’ – they’re not buying for investment, they’re buying because they want something handmade by a real person on their wall, something no-one else has got – not a reproduction poster.”   

Artfinder sells original art from 10,000 artists in 113 countries, making it the world’s largest marketplace for art. 

Top 10 UK cities (on customers per 1 million inhabitants):

Cambridge (916)

  • Brighton (625)
  • Southampton (535)
  • St Albans (506)
  • Edinburgh (500)
  • Glasgow (410)
  • Oxford (400)
  • London (378)
  • Bristol (307)
  • York (285)

Bottom 10 UK cities:

  • Stoke on Trent (48.2)
  • Walsall (48)
  • Wakefield (46)
  • Oldham (40)
  • Gateshead (40)
  • Bradford (36.5)
  • Rochdale (33.1)
  • Salford (25.6)
  • Medway (18)
  • Dudley (16)

Top 10 search terms:

  • London
  • Nude
  • Horse 
  • Dog
  • Beach
  • Cat
  • Horse
  • Tree
  • Abstract
  • New York




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