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We speak with Rosemarino about their breakfast launches and what they're most looking forward to about the event

Hi Sam, can you tell us a little bit about Rosemarino? 

So we’ve been here seven years now – myself, Tony and Mirco got to know each other beforehand working in various restaurants together, and it was always a dream to open our own place. When this site came up, it happened pretty quickly really. It wasn’t really part of the plan to do breakfast, we had just wanted an Italian restaurant initially, then we realised pretty quickly that it could be a really good trade for us, and it’s turned out to be one of the biggest bits of our business. The restaurant evolves, so in the morning it’s like a coffee shop atmosphere with all-day breakfast and brunches and then from lunchtime we do lighter Italian food and then in the evening it’s a bit more of a bistro style with more of an al-la-carte style of menu.  

What’s special about Bristol for you? 

We’ve seen the trade change a lot over the past few years in Bristol. There’s been a huge explosion in restaurants opening here, which is great. One this I do really like about Bristol is that people here really support independent restaurants. There are obviously all the big obvious chains here, but it doesn’t seem that they get as much popularity as other places. It just means that the door’s always open for new ideas. This is a really friendly trade to be in too, it doesn’t feel that competitive, restaurateurs seem to get on and it’s a nice community to be part of. 

What are you most looking forward to about Bristol in the Sky? 

Just seeing it, it is such a unique thing. It’s something we never thought we’d be doing, and it’s a bit hard to prepare for something like that. We’re all fine with heights but you say that – you say you’re fine with heights – and then you’re dangling in the air! I’m looking forward to the buzz, there seems to be lots of people talking about it. We’re going to be going up every morning, whereas most of the other restaurants are only doing one sitting, we’re doing two sittings every day. 

Have you ever done anything like this before? 

Never. Never! I can’t even think of anything close really. We haven’t even done any outside catering here, apart from the odd wedding and stuff like that, so this is very new. 

Can you tell us about the food you’ll be making for the event?

The menu we’re going to be doing is fairly straight forward, so we’re going to be taking the best bits from our breakfast/brunch menu and refining them slightly and make smaller versions of them so it should look pretty cool. The ethos behind the food we do here is a sort of combination of local ingredients, and things we get exclusively imported from Italy, so a lot of our cured meats, some of which you will find on the breakfast menu as well, you won’t find anywhere else. Our food is always cut from that starting point. Looking at all the regions of Italy as opposed it just Italy on its own. Normally when we do a menu we’ll just focus on one region and we’ll have a menu just from that area, and I think that’s quite unique for Bristol Italian restaurants. Oh god, we’re serving Bloody Marys up there! 

Please note that this interview may be edited for length and clarity. 

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