Bristol in the Sky: Lovett Pies


We speak to Lovett Pies about their 'pie in the sky event'

Hi, can you tell us a little about Lovett Pies? 

We hand make our pies to our tried and tested recipes using locally sourced ingredients. We started making pies in 2011 in a pub kitchen in Bath then moved to Bristol two years later to find a production kitchen and spread our wings! 

Your wonderful pies have built up quite the reputation in Bristol, what do you like about being based in the city? 

We love Bristol. It’s great making our pies in such a vibrant city full of amazing produce and people. Our first shop is based at Cargo in Wapping wharf and we’ve been welcomed with open arms. Have a look at our website to see which markets and events we are doing around Bristol and the South West. 

What are you most looking forward to about Bristol in the Sky? 

Conquering my vertigo and ‘Pie in the Sky’ is a great pun!

Have you ever had a dining/cooking experience as unique as this? 

Never this high. Though I’ve cooked a dinner party in a cave in Jersey before, which was eventful as the tide started coming in!

Finally, what can you tell us about the food you will be serving at the event? 

We are serving our best-selling ‘beef, Bellringer ale and Bath blue cheese pie’ alongside bubble and squeak with fresh minted mushy peas, veal gravy and smoked streaky bacon bits. For the vegetarians – ‘sweet potato, squash, spinach, goats cheese and balsamic plum chutney pie’ with parsley liquor and crispy shallots. All washed down with an ale from the guys at ‘Wild Beer Co’ – IN THE SKY! 

Please note that this interview may be edited for length and clarity. 




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