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We speak to Ben Alcock from Her Majesty's Secret Service about cocktails and Bristol in the Sky

Hi Ben, can you tell us a little about Her Majesty’s Secret Service? 

HMSS opened up just over two years ago now. We had the idea of opening a quirky little bar, learning to make better drinks and having some fun. HMSS had a really good reception, better than we ever had dreamt of. Our team got bigger but our strive for accessibility remains the same. We try and keep things as laid back and as fun as possible, whist learning and developing ourselves. We are just about to launch a new cocktail menu that won’t be anything like the last couple we have had out, along with a classic cocktail project and a line of take-away canned cocktails! I feel like we are still finding our feet but, we have a great team and cannot wait to showcase these new additional products we have made. 

Your exciting cocktails have built up quite the reputation in Bristol, with people flocking far and wide to try them! What do you like about being based in the city? 

The city has been really good to us since we opened, it has such a great food and drink scene and the creative industries flourish too. Living in Bristol has actually had a really big influence on how we approach drinks. Even in the short time that we have been open there has been so many new openings – it’s really exciting and also keeps you on your toes! The drinks community is really close, we are all friends and that helps to push each other on and continually develop.

What are you most looking forward to about Bristol in the Sky? 

I’m super excited just to go up there myself to be honest, if we weren’t doing the drinks I would defiantly be buying a ticket. I’m okay with heights, I think, well I really hope so! Creating the drinks menu was fun, we have taken quite a different approach with them and it has allowed us to do some things that would not be possible in a bar. 

Have you ever had a cocktail experience as unique as this? 

Never! I’ve had cocktails all over the world and with some great backdrops and beautiful bars but nothing compares to this, and it being in our home city is even better – seeing the place from an entirely new perspective. I was so happy to be asked to be a part of this. 

Finally, what can you tell us about the drinks you will be serving at the event? 

We have created two drinks especially for the event. The first is designed to put a smile on your face and to set the tone, but not too distractive of the surroundings – I guess it’s a bit of a warm up to allow the diners to get comfortable and take everything in. Then the second is our show piece, this is really interactive. We are hoping to give the diners a new drinking experience along with hopefully teaching them something too. All of this that high in the sky will be a challenge but it will be worth it.

Please note that this interview may be edited for length and clarity. 

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