Bristol city centre undergoes deep clean to combat Covid-19

The street cleaning team is carrying out daily disinfecting in all high footfall areas

Certain parts of Bristol’s city centre are being deep-cleaned to slow the spread Covid-19, including high contact areas and street furniture.

Bus stops and benches, railings, pedestrian crossings and other equipment people regularly touch or come into contact with are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The team, which operates seven days a week, has been using specialist disinfectant for all its cleaning operations in the city centre since the beginning of March.

Until further notice, they will be regularly and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all street furniture and areas outside local supermarkets, chemists, the Bristol Royal Infirmary and all other high footfall locations. Park benches, railings and bins in the city centre’s parks and open spaces are also being cleaned in order to help protect residents taking their daily exercise during the current lockdown.

Vicky Lee, project lead for the city’s street cleansing team at says: “We have a fantastic team who are proud to be helping to protect city-centre residents and workers by thoroughly deep cleaning and disinfecting all high contact areas.

“Naturally, the city centre is unusually quiet due to the current lockdown, but there are still a great many people living and working here, so we’re delighted to be able to put our hugely dedicated team and their highly equipped street cleaning fleet to such good use in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 and keep people safe.”

Caitlin Bowring

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