Bright and bold


Tips and tricks to add colour to your home

Transforming your house with bright and bold decoration can be daunting, but adding colour is easier than people think. Just a splash of paint and the right furnishings will bring your house to life in no time.


A little goes a long way


A common mistake when redecorating with colour is to add too much. Don’t neglect the neutrals! Consider an 80/20 rule with mostly neutrals so you don’t overwhelm the room. Try painting only one wall in colour and leave the others plain. Often it’s down to the small furnishings: cushions, lampshades, kitchen appliances, rugs. Matching these with a single piece of vivid furniture is a great way to give the illusion of “colourful.” Just a little pop of vibrancy will really wake up those taupes and creams.


Prints and patterns pack a punch


Because prints already have a mix of colour, they’re great for when you want to be more daring. Bedrooms can be easily transformed by adding a variety of blankets and pillows. Choose ones in the similar tones to liven up the space. Using a funky wallpaper can look excellent, but be careful not to crowd the room. For smaller furnishings, patterned plates will bring some fun to your mealtimes, especially for dinner parties. Try looking for handmade pieces to make your home unique. 


Know your where to put your warm and cool tones


The right colour can accomplish a lot in changing how the entire room feels. Warm tones (reds, oranges, yellows) are eye-catching and invigorating so work well in social rooms like your kitchen or dining room. Cool tones (greens and blues) promote a peaceful atmosphere therefore better suited in bedrooms and bathrooms. Tiles and shower curtains in natural greens will add a lovely glow to your bathroom whilst sunshine yellows and soft reds will nicely accent a well-lit living room. Don’t forget to vary shades to help light bounce about the room.


Mix and match with what you love


It’s always great to have variety, so throw in little bursts of different colours to tie a room together. A fuchsia pillow might seem garish, but when paired light blue throws it can add a fearless, modern edge. Be careful of clashing and always go with what makes your home feel best. It might not come together straight away so keep experimenting until you get the look you want.

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