Borrow ethically with GWCU

Great Western Credit Union is built on ethical principles - discover what this means for you and your community

At GWCU, we believe your personal finances are just that – yours. So unlike banks, we’re not focused on making profits at the expense of our customers. In fact, our goal is to keep loan interest rates fair and affordable, so that borrowing doesn’t cost you the earth or line someone else’s pockets.

We’re a mutual, which means everyone who saves with or borrows from us is a member, and we exist by pooling our resources with the goal of banking fairly. This is reflected in how we’re run, with a board of volunteer directors, who are members themselves, elected by you.

Your opinions matter on other important decision too, and every so often you get to vote on how we do things. We support over 20,000 members from across the southwest and the money we make as a lender goes directly back into projects across those communities. It means any money coming in stays local and makes a difference to local people.

Our savers’ cash means we can lend to other local people, funding the projects and businesses that keep our region vibrant. Because we work to support you, rather than make profit from you, we’re able to offer loans without set up fees, keep our loan interest rates lower and our savings interest rates higher, and allow early repayments so you can clear your debt faster without being penalised for it.

We also encourage you to save while you borrow, so if you have a loan with us, you automatically get a savings account too. It’s a way of building a financial buffer, however small, and can be brilliant for getting into healthy financial habits for the future.

Our principles are guided by having a positive impact on the world we live in, too. We have invested in Bristol Energy Cooperative’s solar bond, supporting the move to renewables, and keeping the money local. In 2018, we made the move to green energy for ourselves, with solar panels on our office roof, and we’re also proud to offer loans to help people make their own switch to solar energy.

So, if you’re looking for a loan or savings account that works for you, your community, and the environment. Call 0117 9247 309 visit, email, to find out more.

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