Boiling water taps: fad or forever?

Schmidt Bristol has some pro tips for the trendy tap

With a trend in their clients asking for boiling water taps during their first discovery design sessions, Schmidt Bristol has compiled some tips to cover the basics.


What does a boiling tap need to work?

Pretty much all systems contain two main elements. The boiler tank is the bit you shouldn’t see. But it will need space in a cabinet near the tap. This not only heats but also stores the water, ready to be used. Depending on your furniture configuration, you may need to make a small compromise on storage space.

Tap designs tend to follow two main styles – either it will be single and stand alone next to your main tap, or it will be a single multifunctional tap dispensing cold, boiling, or just hot water. These tend to look sleeker, but using them means getting used to the different twists and pushes to get the desired feed.


Do they justify the expense?

How many of us, when filling a kettle, add exactly the right amount of water to boil for what they are about to do? Not many of us. This is the reason for wasted energy and money.

Conversely, when using boiling water taps, it’s not even a consideration. You use only what you need, and since there’s a relatively small amount of hot water stored in the tank, there should be a smaller cost involved in maintaining the temperature.


Are they safe?

Especially If you’ve got young children, you’ll probably have wondered about the safety of such taps. Naturally, all manufacturers go to great lengths to design products that are not only easy but also safe to use for the whole familly. Most require the user to hold part of the tap down to allow the flow of water and others use a dual touch system, which prevents the boiling water function from working all together when hands are in the way.


Do connoisseur tea and coffee drinkers use them?

That depends on how you brew; it’s worth noting that not all systems reach the magic 100°c required for the perfect brew. Most need to reach 98°c when the water is dispensed as a safety precaution — something to bear in mind if those extra degrees count.


At Schmidt Bristol, we tend to work with the taps that come from Quooker, but other brands have some beautiful and functional alternatives.


Just visit to book your free discovery consultation and get ready to chuck that kettle out for good!

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