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‘MyBNS’ is the online system revolutionising the property management industry

One of the ways BNS are leading the way in the property management industry is with their bespoke online portal ‘MyBNS’ which interacts with clients, tenants, and suppliers to create a fully transparent and interactive system centred around their client’s needs.

As a local and fully independent agent, BNS pride themselves on providing transparency in the way they work and through ‘MyBNS’, which provides their clients with comfort and understanding of the work being undertaken behind the scenes on their behalf, with up to date management information available at their fingertips at any time of the day and in any location.

Having a client focussed approach results in many leaseholders and property owners alike choosing to appoint BNS so that they are in control of their development. This offers them peace of mind in the services being undertaken by their chosen professional agent, to provide value on their investment.

BNS provides management services to purpose-built developments, converted properties, residential estates, and retirement complexes.

With their key focal point on pro-active and reactive communication, they have developed a bespoke portal that enables them to deliver a service that far exceeds other systems and providers.

‘MyBNS’ provides updates ‘in real time’ for all owners to see. Through the portal, BNS can email, text, call, or write to owners wherever their staff are at, any time of day, to ensure that all owners are fully briefed and up to speed on what their managing agent is doing for them.

Associate director, Bruce Clothier highlighted: “MyBNS provides a transparent and unrivalled communicative tool to assist BNS with providing pro-active and transparent management of our clients property affairs. As we are fully in control of our systems development, we actively engage with our clients to shape the systems capabilities to match the clients own bespoke property management service requirements”.

It is this client interaction and engagement that has driven BNS to develop their own software to create a transparent and insightful platform for owners to engage and interact in a whole host of management matters, such as downloading helpful advice notes, review events and appointments in their own block diary, view financial reports, make payments towards their service charge, be informed of maintenance issues, review health and safety documents, view meeting minutes and agendas, be fully briefed on BNS’ plans to tackle such issues in a pro-active manner, and much more.

‘MyBNS’ is ever-evolving and is at the forefront of technology ensuring that any issues, no matter how large or small, always remain active and managed effectively.

BNS really are investing in and delivering the future of property management.

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