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Blue eye makeup is making a comeback so heres a few ways to make the trend work for you

Blue eye make-up is something that can scare even the most adventurous fashionistas.  It’s a shade that can bring on a flood of bad memories of the frosty blue eyeshadows of the 70s and 80s, and there’s a fear that if you get it wrong you’ll end up looking like you’ve been taking beauty tips from Pat Butcher. But the spring 2016 catwalks were filled with hues from cobalt to turquoise to navy, proving that it can be stylish and easy to wear.

Lining Up

If you’re not ready to make the leap and go all-out with the blue, then an easy and effective way to start out is with a bit of blue eyeliner. Keep your eyeshadow to something you’re comfortable with for the top of your lids but add a pop of colour with a slick of blue liner on your bottom lids.
Blue eyeliner can also help counteract redness in the eyes which is great if you’ve had a heavy night. If you want to start subtle go for a navy liner which has a bit more pop than black or brown, but won’t look too harsh or to make a statement on a night out go for something with a touch of glitter!
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Luscious lashes

Blue mascara is another easy way to incorporate the trend into your look, and depending on the hue you chose it can be as understated or as striking as you like.
Navy is the most subtle  shade– sweep it over the lengths of your lashes for just a hint of blue.  If you ‘re feeling a little more daring then try coating your lashes with black or brown mascara first and then adding a brighter shade just to the tips. If you decide to go all out then make sure you layer it on, after all, the whole point is the colour so you really want it to show.
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All about the base

With any bold eye makeup look it’s critical that it looks flawless since it’s a lot more obvious if something is off than it would be with a neutral shadow.

Keep your blue eyeshadow in place and crease free with a good primer.

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Into the shadows

When using blue eyeshadow use lighter shades as an all-over colour across the lids and add darker colours to the bottom lid from the outer corner to the middle of the eye. Blend well with lighter colours to create a beautiful eye-opening effect.
For a twist on a smokey eye layer various shades of blue on top of each other for more depth, starting with the darkest colours closest to the eyelashes and lighter colors toward the top. Make sure to clean up the space between the shadows and eyebrow for a nice dramatic contrast. 

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