Best beaches within a short drive of Bristol

Bristol’s a great place for a number of reasons…but when the sun’s shining, one of its best attributes is how easy it is to drive to a beach for the day!


Perhaps the most obvious choice when it comes to beaches within striking distance of the city – Weston is around a 30–45-minute journey from the centre, depending on traffic. Complete with all the amusements and amenities of the seaside you could want, including the pier, arcades, donkey rides, and plenty of places to eat and drink – Weston is a great day out.


Head just over an hour from Bristol across the Severn Bridge to Wales’s south coast, and you’ll find Ogmore-by-Sea, a peaceful stretch of golden sand with conveniently close car parking and plenty of space to find a quiet spot! There’s are also lots of rockpools, as well as a beautiful coastal walk that takes you along to nearby Dunraven Castle and Bay, and secluded Temple Bay, plus a few pubs and cafes.

 Sand Bay

Sand Bay is Weston-super-Mare’s quieter and less well-known neighbour, situated just around the corner from the main Weston beach. Offering a comparably sandier (as the name suggests) stretch, Sand Bay lacks the same amount of attractions and amenities as Weston, but consequently stays much quieter!


Exmouth is a more typical seaside holiday destination, taking around an hour and a half from Bristol with reasonably clear roads. Providing you with your closest taste of the Devon south coast from the city, there’s plenty to see and do around the town, harbour and of course, beautiful stretch of sandy beach and sea. 

Brean Sands (left) and Burnham-on-Sea (right)

Not far from each other, these two popular beaches are within an hour’s drive of Bristol, and offer long flat stretches of sand, with dunes and rockpools at Brean – the beach stretches seven miles! Burnham is backed by the quaint town centre, offering restaurants and shops. 

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