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Refine Property prove just how powerful home staging can be

Refine Property Ltd. are a local Bristol-based company operating out of Clifton, offering both developers and private vendors home staging advice, furniture and expertise on how best to show their home for the strongest and quickest sales possible.

Working closely with many of the great local agents that Bristol has to offer, they turn properties into homes, empty spaces into welcoming rooms, and unused corners into useful and attractive nooks.

With a large stock of furniture, soft furnishings and artwork and decoration for any style of home, they are able to furnish a property in as little as two days with as little as two-day’s notice, and are very flexible to suit whatever may be needed. Their prices vary from home to home, but they are always far cheaper than an unfortunate price drop on the property.

Their ethos is centred around the belief that no one falls in love with an empty room. When potential buyers enter a property and they have to start using their imagination to really see themselves living there, they might already be lost. Refine Property’s aim is to create an enjoyable and welcoming experience on a viewing, giving potential buyers ‘the feelings’.

The Refine Property team recently undertook one of their favourite projects to date. Number 10 Unity Street BS1 is a historical and beautiful building just off Park Street.

The communal area was breathtaking and stylish, but walking into the flat left them slightly deflated. It had been rented for a long period, and the wash of scuffed white walls detracted from the incredible architecture and lines in the living area.

Refine Property suggested to be bold and paint some of the walls Down Pipe, a dark lead grey by Farrow & Ball, and to their delight the owner accepted their proposal. They think the results speak for themselves.

It comes down to taking a look at the before and after images and then deciding which property you would rather buy.

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