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New York Fashion Week has just finished and with it brings a whole new season of inspiration. Whether you’re an avid trend follower or just looking to update your look, there’s sure to be something for everyone out there. To make it a little easier to choose, we’ve rounded-up the top trends from the catwalks so you can decide on your new look.

Go for gold

One of the biggest trends from the catwalks this year was gold. A colour that works well on all skin tones, the idea is to use to it highlight. When Rihanna launched her own highlighter, Killawatt Freestyler, in Trophy Wife last year, she had no idea of the storm it would create. Sweep across cheekbones to add definition, use it on your eyelids as a glowing shadow or smudge under your brows for that extra wow factor. Bright gold, metallic shades work best, and whilst this may not be the subtlest colour you’ve ever used on your face, you can be sure it’ll get you noticed.

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Possibly one of the most popular trends last year, it has continued to dazzle all the way into 2018. Definitely not one for the wallflowers, this particular trend will make you stand out wherever you are! You can use glitter all over your face if so desired. Line the tops of your cheek bones with it for stand-out definition or pat on top of colourful lipstick for a bit of definition. We think this trend is most effective on the eyes – for super long-wear, pat on a little Vaseline and then press the glitter on top for the full-on look. If this is too much, a little glitter eyeliner always looks good too!

Nail art for all

Whilst you might associate nail art with angsty, teenage days holed up in your friend’s bedroom, the catwalk has confirmed it – nail art is very much back. Whether you use stencils or go freehand – the choice is up to you! Use bright colours to attract attention and pick your pattern wisely. You could keep it seasonal and do flower petals for spring, or go really on-trend and adorn your talons with heaps of glitter!

Change up the eyes

If the catwalks showed us anything this year, it’s that it’s all about the eyes. Continuing on from last year, this look shows no sign of slowing down, so if you haven’t given it a go yet, now is the time! Break away from traditional eyeliner conventions and rock the upside-down liner trend – pick your favourite colour of liner or shadow and line the underside of the eyes with it. Not only will this offer a fresh pop of colour, it’ll make your eyes stand out too!

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