Beat the January blues!

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Is your home feeling a little dark and depressing? Follow our guide to get it looking bright and cheerful!

Now the festivities are over, and January is in full swing, it can be easy to feel a little glum. The winter months are stretching out ahead, and with no bank holiday in sight, we don’t blame you for feeling a bit low. However, there are things you can do to help make you feel better – starting with your home! Follow our tips to make your home brighter, and beat those January blues.

De-clutter and clean

Chances are, your home isn’t looking it’s best. With all the Christmas eating and partying, not to mention all the guests and visitors you might have had, it’s probably in need of a good sort out. The best thing to do is work through one room at a time and do a serious de-clutter. Throw away all the rubbish, wrapping and tinsel that has accumulated and donate any unwanted gifts or clothes to charity. Once you’ve finished, it’s time to give the house a good once over – and really don’t stop until it’s sparkling.
It’s much easier to brighten up when your home feels clean and spacious!

Painting and decorating

How you chose to furnish and decorate your home can have a huge impact on how you feel about it. It may sound obvious, but using dark-coloured furniture like sofas and chairs is going to make the room seem a lot more gloomy – so consider upgrading your pieces to lighter colours. You’d be amazed at the impact this can have! When painting walls, try and go for brighter, more cheerful colours such as white, light blues or light yellows that will help light up a room. If you don’t want to do a full home makeover, try accessorising instead. Pick out some brightly coloured or patterned rugs, cushions and throws to use in your living spaces or even just a colourful kettle or toaster can make all the difference in a dark and dingy kitchen!

Let in a little light

Carefully using mirrors and lights in the house can make your home seem so much brighter. Mirrors can make rooms seem much bigger than they are, and help to open up a room’s space. Position them across from windows to help reflect light back into a room and hang them above fireplaces for maximum impact.
Good lighting in the home is really important too. If your lights are looking a little dull, swap the bulbs out for brighter LED ones and invest in some table lamps and floor lamps to make sure there are no dark corners! Candles are another great investment – just make sure you blow them all out before you go to bed. Finally, consider your windows. Is there anything blocking them? Make sure all furniture is tucked away to allow for light to flow in, and buy or make some light-coloured curtains to really set them off.

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