Badminton School pioneering Science Outreach programme

Badminton school are proving that physics is not just for boys

Recent reports in the media suggest that ‘girls see physics as a male dominated industry’ and MPs have been told that girls do not take physics at A-level because they think the subject is only for males.

At Badminton School, we beg to differ. Our Science Outreach programme has been uniquely established to help redress this imbalance in three key ways: By providing strong, positive role models of young female scientists engaged in exciting practical work, by encouraging the uptake of STEM subjects, and by providing girls who wish to study science beyond A Level with a set of unique experiences they can use to support applications for higher education courses.

Pupils get the opportunity to demonstrate and present a range of science at big ticket events such as The Big Bang Fair, WOMAD and Green Man Festival. It is both important and inspiring for girls to see females doing exciting practical work and speaking confidently about the subject. 

Noor Fatima, Badminton School Science Outreach Officer (aged 16) said: “Our main work is providing a diverse set of role models for young children, to counteract the perception that physics and other sciences only appeal to men and boys. Everyone can have fun doing physics even if they don’t become a physicist. We want to make science accessible to all.”

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