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Nothing fuels a shopping trip quite like a glass (or two) of Prosecco at Scavi & Ray's Prosecco Bar at The Mall, says Emma Dance

There’s just something about Prosecco that makes you want to smile.


Less serious than champagne, but more elegant than Lambrini and the like, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a catch-up with the girls. So, it seemed inevitable that sooner or later a venue would open dedicated to the exuberantly bubbly glass of fizzy fun – and earlier this summer Sacvi & Ray did just that. Choosing The Mall at Cribbs Causeway as their first permanent bar in the world.

At first, a shopping mall might seem like an unusual choice, but according to Suneetha Adivihalli, Head of Events and Marketing for Proof Drinks (the UK distributor of Scavi & Ray), it was the natural choice.

She said: “Already at home across the UK in numerous bars, restaurants and hotels, Scavi & Ray’s customer base is constantly growing and the demand for more became apparent. Scavi & Ray is a fashion forward brand and is firm in its beliefs and brand heritage.

“intu [The Mall’s management company] believes in creating the best experiences not only for its shoppers but its retailers too and house some of the best known high street brands across their estates. The Mall, M&G real estate and intu properties were keen to create a new and exclusive experience for their shoppers; and the Mall’s contemporary retail environment and cutting edge design seemed the perfect location and fit for our premium brand’s first permanent consumer experience.”

An official sponsor of London Fashion Week and the Prosecco of choice for the Lufthansa airline, Scavi & Ray is gaining a global reputation as a premium Prosecco brand.

Suneetha said: “The rise in popularity and demand for Prosecco has led to the emergence of the need for a Prosecco ‘brand’, something that currently, doesn’t exist and that Scavi & Ray Prosecco is at the forefront of. Prosecco has become such a hit with consumers for many reasons. It has a light, fresh taste that is more appealing than most sparkling wines and this, along with its affordability, makes Prosecco a drink for all occasions, from weddings to a Sunday lunch, challenging the traditional choices of Champagne and white wine.

Prosecco is also more flexible than its competitors, lending itself perfectly to popular cocktails such as the Aperol Spritz as well as unique new SKUs such as Scavi & Ray’s delicious Hugo which blends Prosecco, elderflower and mint to create the perfect summer cocktail.

“Scavi & Ray’s customers seek quality and a unique product experience and the brand’s premium identity combined with its diverse range is increasingly presenting it as a Prosecco that customers ask for by name, have a favourite bottle of and buy regularly both in bars and for at home.”

The Scavi & Ray Prosecco bar is in the heart of the Mall’s eating quarter, providing the ideal spot for a mid or post-shop refresh and refuel.

There’s four varieties of Prosecco to choose from, as well as a range of delicious cocktails, so there’s something for everyone.

The Spumante, (£4.95/glass or £24/bottle) which is the figurehead of the brand, has a fruity aroma and a lively sparkle, while the Rosato (£4.95/glass or £24/bottle), is slightly sweeter and with notes of strawberry. The Ice Prestige (£5.95/glass or £24/bottle) comes served on the rocks with citrus zests or mint and is the ultimate in summer refreshment. The crème de la crème of the menu however is the Momento D’Oro (£34.95/bottle) – a two-year-old vintage which is a blend of handpicked grapes matured in high quality vineyards.

The bar is definitely more about the drinks than the food, but there’s a menu of nibbles and light bites if you are peckish.

The Scavi & Ray Prosecco bar is the perfect excuse to visit The Mall – and if you find a pair of shoes that you love while you’re there, well then that’s just a bonus!


Scavi & Ray, The Mall, Cribbs Causeway


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