5 tips for getting your garden in shape to sell your home


According to a recent survey, improving your garden is just important as improving your interiors...

When it comes to selling up, many people look towards improving interiors to boost value and make their home more appealing to potential buyers. However, in a survey from GoCompare.com, it was found that 71% of people thought the garden was the third most important feature of a property, behind double glazing and central heating. Following this train of thought, it would seem as though people are looking at outdoor space as much as they are the interior. 

Taking this into consideration, it’s important that you know how to get the best out of your garden ahead of any sale. We’ve put together our five top tips below, which should get you on the right track.

Start small and work your way up

Your first steps into making over your garden don’t have to be dramatic or far-reaching. Instead, take a look at your outdoor space and look for things that can be tidied or cleared up to help its potential. For example, loose leaves or debris can sometimes be blown over fences or walls when the wind gets up, so it’s worth removing anything that has accumulated in small spaces or alcoves. There’s a good chance that you keep your garden tidy, but the extra effort will allow make a good impression on anyone viewing your home.

Take steps to create a space

Like any room in your home, the more space that you can create in your garden, the more attractive it will appear to potential buyers. Even the most compact of outdoor spaces can be made to feel roomier than they are and, with some careful planning, you can take full advantage. This article from Real Homes Magazine suggests a number of things you can do, such as obscuring boundaries with climbers or plants that can soften their restrictive appearance and varying textures to generate depth and distance. This type of improvement can involve a little investment and reorganisation, but can pay off if done right.

Remember that small details matter to buyers

If you think back to when you last bought a home, you’ll probably recall investigating every nook and cranny for faults. As a home is such a significant commitment, it isn’t surprising when a potential buyer spends time looking closely at what your garden has to offer. With this in mind, it’s best to review each of its features with a keen eye and fix everything, no matter how small. For example, paving stones can naturally accumulate moss or a layer of ingrained dirt on or between them, which can be unsightly to someone looking closely. Making the effort to clean them with a pressure washer and deal with any build-up, could be the difference between someone liking your garden and someone turning their nose up at it.

Add some personality and colour

No matter what time of year it is, you can turn your garden into a thing of beauty by adding some flowers and plants to the mix. This is part of your project that you can really have fun with, as well as developing some green fingers too. Take some time away from your busy schedule and go shopping for supplies — Keynsham, a Wyevale garden centre is one of the best in the south west and a great day out to boot. Here, you can pick up everything you need to get gardening, though you can also buy ready-potted plants if you don’t have the time to plant them or just aren’t interested in the hobby.

Give your lawn a makeover

You might not realise it, but a manicured, tidy lawn is something that the UK really places value in — shown in the £400 million per year we spend as a nation (source: Grass Clippings blog). Much like making the bed makes your bedroom appear much tidier, mowing the lawn is the quickest and easiest way to make your garden more attractive. Give yours a cut, trim, and de-weed ahead of any potential buyers visiting your home.

Keep some of these tips in mind if you decide to sell your home and your garden could well be the deciding factor for a potential buyer.

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