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Vegan junk food cafe VX Bristol promises that you don’t have to give up all your comfort food to go vegan

We’re halfway through Veganuary, 2017’s answer to Dry January, and it’s around now that those of us used to meat and dairy products may be starting to feel the burn. Vegan junk food cafe, VX Bristol, says that it has the answer. 

Fighting the good fight against boring lentil-based vegan dishes, the cafe offers vegan alternatives to just about any artery-clogging dish you can think of. They have kebabs, burgers, nachos, hotdogs and lots of vegan cheese that they say you won’t be able to tell apart from the real deal. You can even get a kebab salad, if you want to really confuse your belly. Is it healthy? Is it junk food? Who knows, but we’re told it’s delicious. 

Vegan Cross, or Vx as it’s now known, is the non-meaty love child of Rudy Penando and Amandine Tchou who founded it to prove to a disbelieving public that meat and dairy free food doesn’t have to be tasteless or depressingly healthy. 

Prices are reasonable and dishes are guaranteed to expand your waistline. As we’re halfway through our month of failed resolutions, debt and pain, comfort food that you don’t have to feel bad about is a pretty nice idea.

And, dogs are welcome. Because they’re vegans and love all animals. 


VX Bristol, 123 East Street, Bristol BS3 4ER, 0117 329 1610

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