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Popular colourways for 2018 include burnt orange, rich earthy shades, peacock blue, Bordeaux and tomato reds

MADE.COM has worked with its network of designers from across the world to predict what trends will shape interior design in 2018. From the colours that will add vibrancy to homes across the UK, to the materials and textures that will influence signature furniture, MADE.COM pinpoints the design trends set to take 2018 by storm.

Styles of 2018

2018 will be driven by Nordic and Industrial looks, with safari and global fusion inspirations weaved in. “I also can’t wait to see the designs inspired by Jungle and Eastern Chinoiserie as I think they will have a real impact in 2018 and will be influencing my own style,” said Ruth Wasserman, Design Director, MADE.COM.

Vintage looks can expect continued popularity in 2018. Next year will witness modern interpretations of classic vintage styles and the mix of contemporary and vintage seamlessly alongside one another.

Designers reported drawing 2018 inspiration from a variety of sources, including Salone del Mobile Milano among other 2017 design fairs, their architectural surroundings and travel destinations.

With the ever-increasing need for multi-functional design, it is no surprise that this is once again set to be front of mind in both furniture and design in 2018. The ability to transform a room with a few pieces will be a key trend, particularly in living and outdoor spaces.

Colours of 2018

An abundance of burnt orange and greens – including forest and cactus green – as well as rich earthy shades are expected to be big in 2018. Peacock blue, Bordeaux and tomato reds with ochre, are also high on the agenda. Adding vibrant hues is the perfect way to “inject fun, wit and warmth,” which British designer, Steuart Padwick, one of MADE.COM’s first designers sees as being a key component in 2018 design.

Allegra Hicks, a MADE.COM designer recognised globally for her work in textiles and prints, notes she is particularly excited about “the combination of different textures and cold and warm colours together, such as olive and turquoise.”

The different ways in which these colours will be used is also important for the coming year. MADE.COM designer, Ian Archer expects “bolder use of colour, even with pastels and neons; black used as a contrast reflecting the Post-Modern ‘Memphis’ look; and fresher, more vibrant palettes contrasted with more opulent options.”

Textures of 2018

Adding or updating textures in a room is an exciting way to reinvent a space, not only visually, but also physically. There is wide agreement across the portfolio of MADE.COM designers that velvet and leather will be incredibly popular in 2018, and knit will also influence textile and pattern.

Velvet, a luxurious statement texture, began to appear in more and more homes across the country in 2017 and MADE.COM designers anticipate it will once again dominate, particularly in accent chairs and bedding as the year moves into the autumn/winter months.

Leather has been increasing in prominence for interior designers, and is set to be a hot trend for 2018, particularly in bedroom styling. Ian Archer notes nubuck leather in particular will be on his radar.

Materials of 2018

Terrazzo, marble, brass and concrete in a decorative context, are the materials MADE.COM’s designers expect to command interest in 2018.

There is also a lot of excitement and anticipation for how composite materials will be implemented into everyday products. Niki Jones, MADE.COM designer, explained “detail, trims, edging, contrast of materials and natural materials all continue to grow in importance.” Designers anticipate the juxtaposition between organic and industrial materials will create statement looks in 2018 – crafting a refreshingly modern take on old styles. 

Brushed metal is also expected to be popular in a range of styles, from detailed accents to bigger metallic pieces and will be a concentration for designers such as Josie Morris, winner of MADE.COM’s first Emerging Talent Award in 2013.

Trends in lighting for 2018

Changing lighting fixtures and illuminating a room differently can bring a whole new look and feel to a room that otherwise has the same furnishings. In 2018, MADE.COM anticipates we’ll be seeing a trend towards LED lights, with chandeliers and floor lamps also expected to grow in popularity.

“Design fairs in 2017 for example were showcasing some fabulous sculptural LED lighting,” said Ruth Wasserman, Design Director, MADE.COM.

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