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Keep in the know this year with this guide

When it comes to home and garden improvement, mowing the lawn is just the first step. As 2018 develops further our nation of keen gardeners want to get the latest trends and design tips for their outside environment. 


Growing fruit and vegetables at home used to be considered a hobby for the older generations, however with the rise of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, growing the odd bit of food is now a trend for all. Regarding what is going to be changing in 2018, there is more of a focus on smart technology in the garden. WiFi connected plant sensors and water dispensers can be linked to your smartphone for ultimate growth monitoring. There’s no excuse for forgetting to water your veg on the hot summer days when your phone notifies you. 

Fashionable colours 

Pantone’s annual colour trends stated a range of bold styles would be taking over your 2018 palette and a few have definitive implications for your garden. The Verdure design is symbolic of health and wellbeing as subtle vegetation colours like celery green fuse with extravagant berries, easily achievable in a garden. Picture striking lavenders contrasting against your everyday garden-greenery and you’re on your way to fashionable outdoors. If you want to take this a step further, the colour experts state that outlandish colours like Minion-yellow and hot pink are also the way forward. For your garden, you can bring a splash of eccentric colour with sunflowers or the striking pink of Syringa pubescens subsp. microphylla.

Tranquillity at home 

Creating a place that you can truly unwind in is often a reason people invest heavily in their gardening. 2018 is expected to see a rise in luxury garden items and this will all help to improve the UK’s space for tranquillity. Picture water features steadily trickling over pebbles, whilst a wood burner slowly roars. It creates a relaxed atmosphere that the busy urban life often demands. Picture this with the latest laid-back gardening approach and you will have time on your hands to enjoy your new environment. 

Lazy gardening

Allowing things to overgrow in a garden doesn’t have to be a sign of neglect. Certain gardening decisions like mossy pebbles and rusty gates and fences are now considered urban and trendy. It will save you time and you can definitively state it is for the best aesthetic reasons. We do advise, however, that you continue to mow your lawn despite the laid-back approach. 

Urban gardening 

One trend that will be encouraging more people to get their hands dirty is urban gardening. We are seeing a steady rise in younger people and those with limited garden land want to dabble in the green hobby. Urban gardening sees people with limited space, like a balcony from a flat for example, create micro garden opportunities. By utilising vertical spaces and adapting gardening to their constrained spaces, people are creating inventive planting solutions in cities and urban areas. 

To get your own slice of urban gardening indoors, potted plants are only increasing in popularity, especially with younger generations. Cacti are set to stay on trend for 2018 and are extremely simple to look after. With a larger space and garden, growing herbs and vegetables should be on everyone’s to-do list but with a minimal area, it is often overlooked. Small herb and spice pots are always on-trend but 2018 will see more people growing their own chillies more and more! 

Spice up your gardening this year regardless of the size of your land, it’s all about the creative and ingenious solutions.  

Andy Baxter is the managing director of leading outdoor ecommerce platform Internet Gardener 

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