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Bristol City Council is offering up a scheme that makes the dream of affordable housing a reality for all

With homelessness on the rise and good housing getting harder and harder to come by, it’s never been more important to give a helping hand when it comes to renting out a property. 

Bristol City Council offers a deposit bond scheme to help those who don’t have the money upfront for a deposit. If you are looking to rent your property they will first assess whether it is suitable for use for the council’s Homeless Prevention and Deposit Bond scheme, and that it meets certain basic standards. You must ensure that any maintenance and repairs are regularly undertaken to ensure the property is in the appropriate condition for letting throughout the tenancy. 

A deposit bond of up to two months’ rent will be available for the duration of the tenancy. 

A representative from the Private Rental Team will attend an inspection at the beginning and end to assist with negotiations with the tenant. Any claims on the bond will need to be made in writing and will need to include invoices – just like a commercial deposit scheme! 

Receipts of works, fixtures or fittings should be retained prior to the start of the tenancy so age and value are apparent. Whilst renting out your property, it is likely that there will be fair wear and tear – this will be taken into account when making a claim. 

When someone applies to rent your property, it is your responsibility to carry out the necessary right to rent checks. Please keep clear rent accounts for the duration of the tenancy so you can keep track of rental payments (Housing Benefit is paid every four weeks), the council’s Private Rental Team can assist you from the start and can offer advice and support throughout the tenancy. 

It is imperative that you conduct regular and thorough visits to the property to help avoid any further issues beyond fair wear and tear – these visits should only happen after you have given the tenant 24 hours’ notice. Document every inspection and upon finding any issues, give the tenant a clear written guide for them to follow to avoid further mishap. 

Bristol City Council is looking to gain more properties in Bristol to assist in housing those that would struggle otherwise. Moving people onwards from supported housing when support is no longer needed is imperative and frees-up spaces for those who can then benefit from this type of accommodation. 

This positive action will help address homelessness and housing problems in Bristol and across the UK. So if you are a homeowner looking to rent out your property please consider contacting Bristol City Councils Private Renting Team who will happily talk you through the bond scheme! 

For more information, please contact private.renting@bristol.gov.uk or call 0117 352 6888.

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