St Pauls Carnival is calling for help

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The Carnival is calling upon the people of Bristol to help out for the 50th anniversary event

St Pauls Carnival 2018 organisers will be holding a ‘Get Involved’ community workshop later this month at the Malcolm X Centre to share plans for this year’s 50th anniversary Carnival and ask local people to help make the event happen.

The event, hosted by the St Pauls Carnival Community Interest Company (CIC), will outline a host of opportunities for individuals and community groups to get involved in the 50th Anniversary of Carnival.

The opportunities on offer are varied and numerous, with something for everyone; including fundraising assistance and team leader roles within numerous voluntary groups – including young peoples and environmental groups.

Other roles include costume creation, taking part in the parade or being involved as an artist, performer, sound system, stage manager, running a stall or stewarding.

Whilst the actual date of the event has had to be postponed, Marti Burgess, CIC Chair, gave more details on what to expect:

“Local people are the lifeblood of carnival. It is a community event that cannot take place without residents, businesses and local groups and homegrown artists. The level of community involvement we get now will directly impact the success of our 50th celebrations in July this year.”

“We’ve been inundated with offers of support and people asking for information on how to get involved. Now is the time. Carnival will be as good as we make it together.”

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