Avocado no-no

Why one of Bristol's most popular cafes is ditching the famed fruit

One of the biggest food trends of 2017 was, without a doubt, the avocado. Smeared on toast, smashed to smithereens or simply cut up and eaten on its own, everyone went crazy for it. No longer reserved for making the odd pot of guacamole, cafés and restaurants all around the country started putting them on their breakfast menus and within no time at all, smashed avocado on toast became the most talked about dish of the year. 


So why then, has one well-known Bristol café decided to ditch the humble avocado?


Tincan Coffee Co are based permanently on North Street and have experienced a roaring trade ever since they opened. Priding themselves on their original takes on breakfast and lunch classics, their original twist on the classic eggs and avocados became one of their most famed dishes. However, the huge environmental impact of farming avocados is becoming increasingly apparent – on average, about 283 litres of applied water are required to produce a kilogram of avocados, as well as illegal deforestation that’s happening to create more space to grow them.

With this in mind, the owners of Tincan Coffee Co – Adam and Jessie – have removed avocados from their menu. Keeping them on simply doesn’t agree with the company’s ethos. However, brunch isn’t off the menu completely and the café launched a whole new menu on 8th January, featuring a range of exciting and innovative dishes such as American sourdough pancakes, seasonal mushrooms and breakfast bubble and squeak.


Founder Adam White commented: “We love an avocado, particularly when it is on sourdough with an egg, but the ethics behind running a café have always been important to us. Serving avocados, knowing the huge socio-economic impact that avocado farming is having in Mexico and California just didn’t feel right. The new menu is full of Tincan twists on brunch classics like huevos rancheros and some awesome breakfast muffins as well as some new dishes like breakfast bubble and squeak”. 


As well as bidding the avocado goodbye, the café has also had other environmentally friendly aspects in place since their opening in 2011, including recyclable paper straws and changing all of their packaging and disposables to ones made of bio plastic, meaning they are all completely compostable. As well as this, all of their suppliers are local, their milk is organic and they are even hoping to launch a range of their own re-usable cups later on this year.


Whilst avocado on toast still seems to be the dish of choice for most of us, it is important for the environment that we consider other breakfast options. So who knows? This could be the start of a breakfast revolution in Bristol…

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