Al fresco art could add thousands to your property


Research by the Affordable Art Fair reveals street art could boost the value of your property by up to 50,000 pounds

Street art has become one of the most desired features in Bristol’s neighbourhoods, with 34% of Bristolians saying that they would rather live in an area with beautiful murals than a local coffee shop, and a further 18% preferring street art to good transport links. 

And, with the UK housing market remaining flat, street art could be the vital ingredient to boost property values. According to brand new research, commissioned by the Affordable Art Fair, 22% of Bristolians are willing to pay up to £50,000 more for a home in an area with colourful street art, than one without, with 80% agreeing that eye catching murals contribute to a positive community atmosphere. A further 64% said that seeing a beautiful piece of street art brightened their day and 54% that they would like to see more street art in their local area.

Previously unwelcome in British suburbia, street art’s popularity has risen over the years thanks to famous artists such as Banksy (recently voted the nation’s favourite artist) and iconic images such at The Great Wave by Japanese artist Hokusai being among the most reproduced on walls in the world

Almost a third (35%) have noticed an increase in the number of murals in their area over the past 2 years and over 1 in 5 (22%) said that they would commission an artist to create a mural on the outside of their own house.

To celebrate this, the Affordable Art Fair has appointed street artist Alex Lucas as it’s Artist in Residence for the upcoming fair in Bristol (8 – 10 September), voted the street art capital of the UK by 49% of Brits. In addition to Alex, the fair will play host to street artists Rowdy and Jamie Gillman whose works will be on sale alongside hundreds of British and international contemporary artists.

Surprisingly, when asked which artists they would most like to decorate their exterior walls, Brits shied away from contemporary artists such as Grayson Perry and Tracey Emin, and opted for Old Master Claude Monet, and iconic Spanish artists Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso.

Affordable Art Fair Bristol Director Sam Gare said: 

“Street art has had an overhaul of its image over the past few years, yet 79% of us still feel it is an under-appreciated art form. Mural artists creating beautiful, thought provoking and inspirational works have decorated our cities from Bristol to Glasgow and their popularity is reflected in the number of us calling out for more alfresco works on our streets.”

“We’ve always had an ethos of championing up and coming artists in all mediums here at the Affordable Art Fair, and we are so happy to be offering a platform to Alex at this year’s Bristol edition – the home of British street art no less!”

Affordable Art Fair Bristol Artist in Residence Alex Lucas said: 

“I’ve been creating murals across Bristol for 10 years now (starting with my own house!) and I always love seeing the reactions of homeowners and the local community when they see the finished pieces.”

“Many of my works start out as small projects and grow organically with the owner of the space and even little pieces can make an impact. My clients often tell me how my murals brighten their day, and that of their community, by sharing this space with others. Families tell me how their everyday routes involve ‘saying hello’ to my painted characters.”

“I am thrilled to be appearing as the Affordable Art Fair’s artist in residence in a city with such a brilliant street art heritage and am looking forward to chatting to local residents over the weekend!”

Buying Agent, and Property Expert Henry Pryor said: 

“Today, buyers are more likely to be drawn to areas where street art shows the vibrance of the local community and indeed, there are people will pay a premium to be a part of it. In fact, we are now seeing architects making space for bespoke alfresco artworks works into their new projects and either commissioning one off works or giving space to rotate works.”

“Culture is a positive for prices and the best acts as a magnet pulling in buyers who admire and appreciate the styles. With such competition come the premiums that must be paid to be able to be a part of these places.”

Visitors will be able to pick up prints by Alex Lucas at the Affordable Art Fair Bristol running from 8 – 10 September. The fair offers a unique chance for first time buyers and serious collectors to browse and buy a huge variety of art from around 500 artists under one roof. Visitors will find traditional oil paintings alongside striking contemporary sculptures and exciting contemporary prints and photographs – a diverse and eclectic array of art to suit all tastes and budgets from £100-6,000. 

The Affordable Art Fair Bristol opens its doors to the public on Friday 8th September and runs until Sunday 10th September 2017. Book your ticket online now at

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