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Bristol Film Festival pairs romantic classic Romeo + Juliet with brilliant wines — what more could you ask for?

The brilliant folks at Bristol Film Festival have something very special for their February Vintage Screening, perfectly matching a modern classic with some truly sensational drinks. Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but love still lingers in the air here…

Taking place in the historic cellars of Averys Wine Merchants, the event (in partnership with Averys and the Arch House Deli) will feature a showing of Baz Luhrmann’s iconic romance Romeo + Juliet, a contemporary retelling of Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece set in the vibrant Verona Beach in the ‘90s. You’ll get a glass of bubbly on arrival, plus a selection of cheeses from the Arch House Deli ahead of the screening — the movie itself is accompanied by a guided tasting of four wines, Italian and American, picked by one of Averys’ resident experts. 

Luhrmann’s 1996 film — yes, it’s well over 20 years old — sees a youthful Leonardo DiCaprio and an equally youthful Claire Danes as the titular couple, with John Leguizamo, Paul Rudd, Pete Postlethwaite, Miriam Margoyles, Paul Sorvino and Harold Perrineau all appearing alongside as part of a star-studded cast. Luhrmann placed the original vernacular in the 20th-century context, creating a fascinating, anachronistic juxtaposition of styles — though the Montagues and Capulets are now warring mafia families with guns instead of swords, they still use the silvery language of The Bard to immense effect.

This is an exceptional evening for romantics and wine buffs everywhere, and it’s a superb chance to woo your darling if you missed The Big Day midweek — but book quickly, this one’s filling up fast! 

Although the film is a 12A, this event is for 18+ only.

Bristol Film Festival proper isn’t far off, with a huge selection of cinematic treasures headed to unique locations between 9 — 12 March. Experience Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World aboard the ss Great Britain, Fight Club in the Redcliffe Caves and much more…

When: 17 February

Where: Averys, Culver Street 

Website: www.bristolfilmfestival.com 

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