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Bristol Open Doors Day is flinging open its, erm, doors this month for another celebration of the city’s best buildings...

Bristol Open Doors Day will be letting the public explore 81 of Bristol’s historically significant, architecturally fascinating buildings — if you’ve ever been curious as to what goes on behind closed doors, this weekend will let you dive into the city’s secrets.


Theatres, museums, galleries, studios, places of worship and many more are welcoming visitors during the Open Doors Day, letting all comers explore what’s inside and learn about the areas in which they live. Some venues are offering guided tours and others will let you wander around by your lonesome.


Highlights of the celebrations include the fabulous Redcliffe Caves (make sure to bring a torch!), the Bottle Yard Studios, Kings Weston Roman Villa, Charles Wesley’s House and the 14th century St. Stephen’s Church. If those don’t take your fancy, there are dozens more to explore in every corner of Bristol.


A special event at the Bristol Record Office kickstarts this year’s festivities on 8 September, with hourly tours into the evening. Learn about how the archives are conserved and restored, and explore 800 years of the city’s recorded history.


It’s not just about exploring buildings that are generally closed to the public, but also seeing familiar favourites in a new light — you’ve probably been to many of these places before, whether it’s Southmead Hospital or At-Bristol or Colston Hall, but this is a chance to get to know the city better and look at your favourite spots in a new light.


Although the venues are all part of the same celebrations and the whole thing is free, the opening times and admission terms vary so make sure you check out what the deal is before heading down — all the information is available on, which also features a map so you can plan ahead! Be aware that popular venues get booked up fast.


When: 10-11 September


Where: 81 Bristol venues


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